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Toilet Repair & Stool Replacement

Toilet Stool Repair

Constant Running

A constantly running toilet is an issue with your connection between your tank and your bowl. Typically, the flapper or the flapper chain is the culprit and the issue is easily rectified. However, the float ball or valve need to be adjusted in order to ensure proper filling. Rarely, the fill valve seal will wear out and the entire system will need to be replaced. If you're toilet is constantly running, you should notice an increase in your water bill. Call Bailey Brothers today to have one of our seasoned professionals inspect it.

Water Supply Valve Replacement

The valve and hose that runs from the wall into your toilet's tank is called a water supply valve and input hose. They connect to a cold water pipe within the wall that delivers the clean water to your toilet tank. Replacing a damaged valve can be very simple or very complicated, depending on the age of your house and how the plumbing has been configured. If you're looking to install a new water supply valve for a new toilet, in a new bathroom, there is a small bit of soldering work that will need to take place to connect the valve to the water line and sometimes a temperature regulating valve will be required. Call us to day for an in-home estimate.

Toilet Clogged

Typical toilet clogs can be cleared by hand, scooted along with a plunger or cleared away with a toilet auger. Most clogged toilets will not overflow with the first flush and their water level will drop to normal as the water leaks past the clog in the line. If your toilet is clogged, don't panic, call the experts. Our technicians are skilled determining the cause of the clog and handling it quickly. Some clogs are even out of your power, such as main-line backups and other larger plumbing issues than a flushed G.I.Joe.

Toilet Stool Replacement

Complete Stool Installation

Whether you're remodeling your entire bathroom, have a broken stool or you're just tired of looking at that old pink toilet, Bailey Brothers has you covered. We will visit your home to measure your toilet's rough-in size to see what size of stool we'll be working with. Next, we'll walk you through your stool options, from one and two-piece toilet stools to flushing systems and high-efficiency toilets. There are many options out there, even bidets and urinals. After you've selected your stool, we'll come out and install it, adjust any plumbing and connection issues we find and run it through several post-install tests.

Tank Installation

Hairline cracks in toilet tanks can lead to leaks, which lead to higher water bills. Although toilets seem not to have changed a great deal in outward appearance over the past fifty years, their innards have gone through several changes. If you're toilet is relatively new, finding a tank to match your bowl is fairly easy to do. However, take care to match your GPF numbers and flapper hole sizes in order to ensure a new tank is compatible with your current bowl. This is mainly an issue in older bowls where matching tanks are harder to come by, as federal regulations have drastically reduced the tank sizes from the 80's and 90's. Give us a call today and we'll help you decide if a tank replacement is right for your stool.

Bowl Installation

Replacing your toilet bowl or moving to a one-piece toilet system can be tricky, as there are measurements and some heavy lifting involved. Typically, you'll want to replace the tank as well when replacing a bowl, as the old tank may not be compatible with your new bowl or may not match. Before you purchase a new bowl, make sure it is compatible with your current tank. If you're unsure, give us a call and one of our technicians can help you decide how to proceed.

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